Book of Hatred – Chapter 02 [Alice]

Go to Translation Index Paragraph 01 I kill Nightmares to pursue my wish. Yet that scale is not balanced. There is no way I will be forgiven For stealing the life of all those Nightmares Just to pursue my own wish. “And even if?” “If that’s so, will you give up?” I knew from the... Continue Reading →


Book of Hatred – Chapter 01 [Alice]

Go to Translation Index. Paragraph 01 Shadows are flickering on Alice’s path.They appear and disappear slowly, slowly,As if they are pendingIf staying in this world.Nothing is reflected in their eyes.No sound is coming from their mouth.Then, Doubt and Certainty talk. They are ghosts.Evil spirits stillAttached to this world. She draws her blade.We are two of... Continue Reading →

Guida al visto in Giappone – Premesse e Visto Turistico

Indice IntroduzionePremessaVisto TuristicoVisto StudentescoVisto LavorativoRinnovo del Visto Lavorativo Introduzione Immagino in giro ci siano molteplici guide relative all’argomento, ma quando, prima due anni fa, poi l’anno scorso, ed infine quest’anno, ne cercavo una che fosse esaustiva e dettagliata, il massimo che sono riuscita a trovare sono state le informazioni presenti sul sito del consolato. Questo,... Continue Reading →

Prologue – Beginning of the Nightmare

Prologue – Beginning of the Nightmare Endings List FAQ White Island Walkthrough Notes White Island Season 1 Episode Index White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections’ Location White Island Season 2 Episode Index White Island Season 2 Choices and Endings White Island Season 2 Prologue Minimal Guide White Island Season 2 Prologue Easy Mode Guide Minimal... Continue Reading →

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