Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone

 Episode 01 – Can’t Let You Go Alone White Island Walkthrough Notes White Island Season 1 Episode Index White Island Season 2 Episode Index White Island Season 1 Endings Guide White Island Season 1 ALB-21 Injections Location White Island Episode 01 Minimal Guide White Island Episode 01 Easy Mode Guide White Island Episode 01 Puzzle... Continue Reading →


SINoALICE – Characters

        CHARACTERS Due to the fact that every concept is explained also by using example phrases and the structure itself, both written and visually, is the copy of a dictionary, I’ve kept this structure also in the translation. The only probably is, unlike Italian or Japanese dictionaries, the English dictionaries I’ve checked all have a... Continue Reading →

White Island Walkthrough

  This is a spoiler-free guide based on version of the game (for the whole Season 1), so some things may differ if you’re using another version. Be aware of this. Since Season 2 is still ongoing, I cannot really provide a version of the game. I usually write the guide whenever a new... Continue Reading →


       INTRODUCTION TO THIS TRANSLATION I have been planned to post this since maybe July, but because of many reasons, I never did so. Anyway. Although some people might not like this, I have decided to not put the original Japanese text nor the romaji before my translation. The main reason behind this is because nobody... Continue Reading →

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